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Because there just isn't enough ridiculous on the internet, I felt the need for a tumblr with even more silly face swapping fun.

I aint even sorry.

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Universeinthebox Fundraiser! Christmas for Canines!

There are hundreds of animals out there on the streets of Jacksonville Florida, and as the weather turns colder we at Universeinthebox would like us all to turn our thoughts to them as the season of giving approaches. Our flagship podcast Stray Ami has always advocated the value of love and caring. We’d like to give all the animals waiting for their forever homes a better chance of finding somewhere they’ll be loved. With this fundraiser we hope to help provide food, blankets and resources for all the dogs and cats that come through the doors of various shelters around Jacksonville. It is one of the largest cities in the country, and the stray animal population mirrors that, so we really appreciate your help in giving these animals every chance they can to find loving homes.

Click Here or at the link above to Donate

You can find out more info about Friends of Jacksonville Animals here: http://www.friendsofjaxanimals.com/

And for info on Universeinabox check out our website at:


Please like, reblog and consider donating! Every single bit helps, be it telling a friend or giving a dollar.



While this is clearly not disney or a silly, silly face swap, the mod of this blog is putting it here anyway because I know you followers of this blog are good people, with good taste. 

The folks at Universeinthebox are behind my favorite podcast - Stray Ami. Its the story of an imaginative little girl named Andale and her faithful guardian, her imaginary canine friend Blanc. It’s a sweet and memorable and fantastic story and I heartily suggest anyone and everyone give it a listen. (I’m not affiliated with Universeinthebox, I just like the heck out of them.) 

While they are always mindful of our homeless animal friends - they’re making a special effort to raise some money to make the cold winter months a little bit more warm and loving. 

If you feel like supporting some fantastic people, with a fantastic podcast, for a fantastic cause, then this is the link for you. 

Maybe after you donate a dollar or three (if you have them to spare) you can reward yourself by giving their Stray Ami podcast a little listen. (On: their website, or on itunes.)

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No one told me that disneyscreencaps was live again! I could have been making swaps.

No one told me that disneyscreencaps was live again! I could have been making swaps.

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Ok tumblr, I know the power of the internet so just hear me out right quick as I ask for a simple favor. See those cereal boxes up there? If you buy any Kellogg’s product with that Free Book logo on it there is a 16 digit code inside your box of cereal. Now, when you get three of those codes together you submit them online and they will send you a free Scholastic book. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m bringing it up, so here goes.

I teach first grade at a school where the kids have little to nothing. Through generous donations (government, three square, various community partners, etc.) the kids get backpacks, clothes, shoes, free breakfast/lunch, and some school supplies. The school is not in the best part of town. I’ve had students who live with grandparents because their own parents are in jail, kids who have parents that don’t have custody over them for various reasons, and so on and so forth. Now I am trying to get my kids to read books, but they literally don’t have any books at home that they can use to practice their reading. Sure they get a library book from the school library but it’s not the same, you know? They don’t own the book, it’s not theirs. 

Here’s where you come in. If you happen to buy one of these specially marked boxes and don’t plan on using the code please send me that code through my ask box. If 60 people on here send me a code I’ll be able to get 20 books, which will easily allow me to get each of my students a brand new book of their own. I used the Fly Guy books above because my kids are currently obsessed with the character and the book has sight words that we’re working on in class. Even if you have no codes, I’d appreciate the signal boost as well.

So, if you happen to get a code please send it my way. I would appreciate it and so would my kids. Heck, if I get 60 codes, that would give me enough to give each of my students a book and I will gladly take a picture to show you how excited they are to get a book. If more codes keep coming, I’ll post up their thank you notes. They’re seven so expect something awesome. Thanks in advance.

Clearly this isn’t a faceswap, but I’ll make an entire months worth of swaps tomorrow to make up for the off topic post.

I cant imagine my own childhood without the wonder and sense of escape from less than ideal circumstances that books gave me. If you have any of those codes off of your cereal boxes to spare, some kids could really do with some books.

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August 30, 2013 2:13 pm


Anonymous: Who is Robin Hood swapped with?

Himself! Robin hood makes that face when he’s disguised earlier in the movie as a fortune teller. 

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