Disney Face Swap

Because there just isn't enough ridiculous on the internet, I felt the need for a tumblr with even more silly face swapping fun.

I aint even sorry.

October 3, 2011 8:47 pm

Asks and Answers set 2

Hi there! I uh. Added about 40 images to the queue and it appears to have broken. Oops. We’ll return you to your regularly scheduled WHY shortly.

Answering a bunch of anon asks behind the cut:

I’ve been trying to answer messages sent with a name attached privately, but I can’t do that to anon asks. I’ll compile the ones I have right now for convenience and lack of clutter.

  • May I ask where you get the screen-caps to face-swap them? they all seem very good quality, and I can’t find any good caps online : c

At the moment, most of the caps I’m grabbing are from http://disneyscreencaps.com/ - I’ve left their credit on most of the images as well. There are a few movies where I would rather take caps myself for one reason or another, but generally their archive is expansive and thorough and extremely handy.

  • Do you have a personal blog?

Howdy! My personal blog is over at drawsomething. It is mostly me posting silly half formed thoughts and sketches, but if you want to snoop the person behind this blog, there I am. (Also this explains why anyone asking questions with their named turned on is getting answers from my blog url, rather than disneyfaceswap.)

  • Can you try to face swap the lion king? something like switch zazu and simba’s faces? that would be awesome!
  • My goodness, these are brilliant! Laughing so hard right now. I’d love to see a faceswap btween Scar/Mufasa or something with the hyenas XD T’would be delightful! 
  • Do a face swap of The Lion King
  • something from pocahontas!
  • I request Bambi.
  • Have you done an Esmeralda and Frollo/Hunchback of Notre Dame face swap? Will you?

Thank you guys for the suggestions. I have some swaps from each of these movies in the queue now, and will almost certainly do more from each movie in the future. I hope you enjoy!

  • Can you do Pascal and Eugene or something. Or even Pinocchio with someone.

Oh gosh. I will give Pascal/Eugene a try for you, anon, but I can’t promise anything! This blog is when I started doing face swaps, and I haven’t quite graduated to CG swapping. I’ll try, though!

  • This blog is awesome! If you take request. Could you do one when Clopin scares Frollo in the Topsy-Turvy Day? Ah, and could you swap Maid Marian’s face with the Sheriff and vice versa? Robin Hood is underrated.

HAH. I’m going to do these RIGHT NOW thank you for the idea.

  • Where do you come up with all of these? they’re great XD
  • How do you come up with such clever ideas?

These swaps nearly make themselves. Sometimes I’m watching a movie and will pause during a scene because I noticed a funny face and just start laughing, imagining the swap. Other times I have a scene I want to go look at and just browse caps looking for faces that I think will swap well.

  • How exactly do you swap Disney faces? If you could share, that’d be great. :)

Oh gosh. I may not be the best person to ask, but I’m willing to put together a little step by step image about it.

  • This blog is hilarious! keep up what your doing! its awesome :D
  • This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • Please make more, i’m crying from laughing so hard X”D
  • I laugh SO much with your posts. so, so much :D
  • great tumblr!
  • I have never laughed so harder than I have at this blog. Perfection! Keep it up!!
  • scrolled through everything. literally gasping for air. i love this.
  • These are amazing. I love you for making this blog.

Thank you guys SO MUCH. Seriously, if I needed a reward for making these and inflicting them on tumblr, the reactions of people when they see and reblog them make me laugh so much, and so hard. I really appreciate everyone who has added their comments and sent me messages. I’ve been in stitches reading responses. Y’all are really fantastic.

Ending this post with a question mark to enable people with the option to give feedback or commentary on other people’s questions. ?

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  2. cineno answered: I nearly shat my pants and gave myself an aneurysm the first time I went through your tumblr, and I probably extended my lifespan by a month.
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