Disney Face Swap

Because there just isn't enough ridiculous on the internet, I felt the need for a tumblr with even more silly face swapping fun.

I aint even sorry.

October 26, 2011 9:00 am

Anon Asks Answered, 2.0?

Time for me to do another mass answering of anon submitted questions!

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Please add more captions! They make the pictures even better!

I actually feel super awkward adding captions to the images, and would probably leave everything with just the image and nothing else… except that tumblr wouldn’t tell me who is replying to what, then. I add captions to everything that I submit. If someone else submits something and puts text in, I leave that in. If they just submit the image, I sometimes leave it blank because I feel bad for inserting my own reaction to the image, but if they’ve submitted more than I think I would remember, I put something on there anyhow. I’m glad you enjoy them!

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

My immediate reaction to this was “42.” Then I went, “wait, wrong story.” Do you mean an African or European swallow?

Is Disney cool?

Well, I’m certainly a fan of Disney.

I just thought you should know I’ve been near to tears of laughter because of this all day. Thank you for your contribution to the internet.

Thank you for taking the time to tell me! I’m very pleased to hear that.

What do i do?

What do you want to do?

Winnie the Pooh. Tell me why there is none of him on this site?!

Because I’m a horrible monster and should feel ashamed of myself for neglecting Pooh bear!

Well this is really not a question, just a quick comment to say thank you for all of this :’D Keep it up, world needs more laughter!

Thank you! I still laugh at my thoughts when I made this blog. “I’m probably the only person who will laugh like a moron at all of these but I’m going to do it anyway.” Boy, was I wrong.

How about some more Aladdin stuff?

I kind of went on another Aladdin/Abu spree today. You’ll definitely be seeing more of those soon.

At my school, one of my friends loses her banans laughing at things so often that we actually have a competition going for who can make her laugh the most. I hate to break it to you, but I can never show her this blog because it would utterly, completely, incontestably destroy her mind, if it’s making me pee MY pants this much.

Hahaha. Save it for a rainy day! I hope she gets to enjoy the swaps with the rest of us eventually. ;D

I always love the ones with Gaston. My friends and I cannot stop laughing at this excellent blog!

Noooooo ooooooone…. swaps like Gaston~

Thank this blog for freaking existing I am laughing so hard i’m in a lot of pain good god.

I’m sorry for your pain - but only a little. I’ve been pushed to the point of laughing and not actually making any noise at some of the submissions/reactions to swaps. It’s only fair that I share the love and joy and laughter!

don’t how easy it would be, or if it’s possible for all of them, but it’d be nice if sometimes we could have links to the photo pre-faceswap?

I kind of feel like that would be very cluttered at this point? If someone wants to know the before of a specific swap, you can drop it in my ask box and I’ll reply privately. Otherwise I’ll consider trying out inconspicuous links to the original images and see if I can do it without adding even more text junk at the bottom.

how many followers do you have! your blog is amazing!

At the moment? 19,882.

I was going to do an animated swap for 10k, but it crept up on me really, really fast. So I said to myself that I’d do one at 15k, but that hit only a day or two later. I have no idea what my new goal is for finishing the swapped .gif.


Because I’m extremely easily amused and decided to inflict this tumblr on the rest of the internet. Turns out other people are easily amused, too.

This blog is hilarious! I love it!

Thank you!

Why is it that the longer I look at these, the more hilarious they get? It’s pretty ridiculous. Is there a magic mathematical formula to explain the exponential increase of funny? Keep being awesome. :)

I have no idea. I think they build up on each other to the point that the levels of ridiculous are just unbearable and extra hilarious.

you are amazing.

So are you, anon. So are you.

Does that mean there is a possibility of The road to El Dorado face swaps? Because those would be funny I bet. And ooh how to train your dragon YES.

The non-disney days absolutely does mean that the Road to El Dorado will show up at some point.

why dont you just change your url to faceswaps or something so you can do whatever you want?

I considered urls without Disney in the name at first; but 90% of the swaps I want to do ARE Disney. When I made the url, I assumed I’d get a few hundred followers maybe, and wouldn’t feel the need to make a point of the non-disney things sneaking in every now and then. As it is, I don’t see any reason why I /can’t/ do things that aren’t Disney right now. I just feel like I needed to warn the followers of this blog clearly because there are so many. I will make them very easy to filter, but still mainly want to do Disney things.

Would you consider doing Dumbo? Perhaps something with Timothy and Dumbo, or maybe them with the crows or something.

Dumbo was one of the first movies I thought of doing. And then I poured through the swaps and realized how intensive all of the different faces are. I’m not ruling it out and plan to try a few at some point, but it might explain why there haven’t been a ton done, yet.

will you marry me, and then swap faces in all the pictures?

I appreciate the offer, anon, but I’m not likely to get married, but I’ll toast you at your wedding… and then swap all of the faces in the pictures. ;D

Thank you for making this blog. You make me laugh. :)

Thank you for telling me so! And thanks to everyone who comments on the submissions. Y’all make me laugh, too.

Your blog has cheered me up so much. I had a terrible day today, and this made me laugh so much that I couldn’t breathe, and I fell out of my chair.

I’m super happy I could cheer you up, anon. I hope this tumblr can do the same for you again, if you ever need it.

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  5. soltersortna answered: Have you watched every disney movie?
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